FullFlight System for Onewheel Pint

From: $184.94 $177.54

Category: FlightFins

The same FF system you love, sized and upgraded for the Pint. Ships with V2 Fins

  • Per request, the Fin mounting slots have been adjusted to accommodate larger feet or higher soled shoes
  • The new Lightbar notch provides a clear view for checking battery status and deflects a soft light onto the footpad while riding instead of shining up harshly
  • The improved polycarbonate compound and re-designed support geometry make for superb impact resistance while keeping weight minimal
  • Improved footpad concave for a more comfortable lock-in
  • As always, the FlightFender Pint is whisper quiet and a snap to remove and clean
  • The FlightShield is now Pint sized for even better storage capability
  • Eight bolt system makes stripping your rails nearly impossible.
Patented and made in the USA ??