FlightFrame (Rails only)

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September 29th ship date. This is for the rails only NOT THE KIT.

FlightFins is proud to introduce the FlightFrame, an extended and upgraded rail set for your Onewheel


  • FlightFrame Rails 3/8 inch longer to accommodate more tire choices (including the best choice your Hoosier 6.5 included in kit) and PSI options. Special edition only 100 made each one engraved with a serial number and branded quote inside (not visible) that says “Transcent the Bullshit”. Our new FF motto for 2020.
  • Deeper threads to prevent stripping
  • Your FlightFrame comes in a beautiful, raw, aluminum finish that is uncoated. Surface tooling marks are normal and are part of the look of your FlightFrame but may be polished away if desired
  • Fits every footpad from original to aftermarket

*Rails are designed for the FlightFender but can be used with most fenders with slight modification of the fender holes. Magnetic fenders have currently not been tested with the FlightFrame.

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Additional information

Weight 32.32 oz
Dimensions 27.5 × 1.5 × .75 in