Designed to give you increased control, allowing you to perform new tricks, jump obstacles, and bail when you need to.
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Reach heights and perform maneuvers that were once impossible!

You can use FlightFins to make transitions on rough terrain silky smooth by floating the board over obstacles (including tree roots, logs, uneven/broken sidewalks), which means no longer having to find an alternate path. You can take advantage of the increased control when carving, nudging curbs, or plate-sliding. Happen to find a curb or drop on your ride? The Fins will keep your feet on the board where they belong. Our easy-out, no-binding design allows your feet to slide out from underneath the Fins in case you need to bail, dismount, or reposition. FlightFins have the perfect amount of grip and flex, giving the responsiveness you need without sacrificing comfort.


Increased Control

Give you increased control for deep carves, uneven terrain, or slopes

Easy-out Design

The easy-out design makes sure your feet can eject when necessary or stay locked in when you want them to

Jump Obstacles

Jump curbs and other obstacles that you would normally have to dismount to pass


A new level of versatility and control for nudges, slides, and bonks